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Image Type:   Re-drawing, Rock Painting
Image Id:   RARI RSA LNR1 1R
Site Id:   RSA LNR1
Country:   South Africa
Province:   KwaZulu-Natal
District:   Mooi River
Date:   01/01/1988
Filing location original:   RARI Main Archives Room
Filing dvd:   TR+RD-KZN-DVD-002
Collection:   RARI
Image Ref:   RARI-RSA-LNR1-1R.jpg
Ground Material:   Tracing film
Who holds the copyright:   RARI
Medium/Format:   Ink
Redrawn by:   Dowson, Thomas
Description:   Circular trance dance. In the centre a shaman kneels and lays his hands on a supine patient. Arrows. Published in " Images of Power" page 14, in "San Spirituality" by Lewis-Williams, J. D. and D. G. Pearce. 2004, page 84 and in "A Cosmos in Stone" by Lewis-Williams, J.D., page 121.
Original size:   28cm x 28cm
Accessibility:   Open to all